About Wÿstful Adventures

Wÿstful Adventures is a software development label dedicated to creating exciting adventure game experiences. We feel this retro-gaming style, the clever combination of immersing naratives and logic puzzle solving, is an ideal medium for delivering highly satisfying adventures right to our fans' household computers. Our current project is called Curses & Castles, a full-length epic fantasy that will take almost two years to complete. We are confident the game will be well worth the wait! Please read our developer's web log Tree Rock Pixels to learn more about how the game is advancing.

As for the name Wÿstful Adventures, it is meant to convey both the dreamy whimsy of the fantasy genre (i.e. wistful) as well as the blood, sweat and tears poured into the creation of these adventures by our lead developer (i.e. full of Wijst, his surname). The "ÿ" can thus be interpreted as both a stylized "ij" or as a whimsical replacement for the letter "i". We hope this etymological discussion has been enlightening and look forward to feeding you more brain candy when our epic adventure is finally released.