Curses & Castles

Curses & Castles is a classic point & click adventure game currently being developed by Wÿstful Adventures. An adventure game typically involves the player solving puzzles by picking up useful items and recombining them creatively to solve logical problems and advance the narrative, but Curses & Castles will take this genre to the next level. A huge game world will be packed with memorable characters, wicked foes, thrilling adventures and challenging mysteries. Mischeivous forest-gnomes, greedy goblin-pirates, spellcasting and experiments in flight are but a few of the exciting features being implemented even as you read this!

The story revolves around Porphyra, a down-on-her-luck princess who is cursed to live the rest of her days in the ruins of her castle by a wicked enchantress. The curse forms an invisible barrier around the castle, and a dragon guards the premesis against those who would seek to break the curse. But Porphyra is tired of waiting: she is now determined to break the curse herself and save her kingdom from the terrible hexes of the enchantress. Can you guide her through this daring enterprise? Your chance will come in late 2012 when the game is scheduled for release.

Excited yet? We hope so. If you want to whet your appetite further then we encourage you to read our developer's web log Tree Rock Pixels, which is intended to document the game building process on a weekly basis.