Tree Rock Pixels is a web log with two purposes. Firstly, it is meant to document the game development process behind Curses & Castles, an epic fantasy adventure game that I am currently building.  Secondly, it is meant to generate enthusiasm for the aforementioned game so that it will be highly anticipated when it is finally released. As such, the plan is to pepper frequent web log entries with lots of teasers and graphics, so check back often for new content!

Wystful Adventures is the independent game label under which Curses & Castles will be released.  It is essentially a more evolved version of Hatter’s Guild Productions, my old freeware label.

Alex van der Wijst is a part-time starving artist (he eats the rest of the time).  He has been involved in many hobbyist freeware adventure game productions, including The Winter Rose, Charlie Foxtrot & the Galaxy of Tomorrow, Besieged and most recently Snakes of Avalon.  He is currently attempting to build his first commercial adventure game called Curses & Castles and is attempting to document the process on his Tree Rock Pixels web log (see above).

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    Hi Alex,

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  2. Hi Alex,

    I’m checking back to see if you received the invitation to be a part of the beta test for indiePub’s upcoming indie game marketplace. If you did not receive this invite, just shoot me a quick email back and I’ll re-send the information.

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